Create a Virtual Person with DAZ

Technology has become so advanced that creating 3D avatars and virtual persons for personal purposes is something that anyone can accomplish nowadays, for free, all by means of the Internet. In the past, 3D modeling was done only in specialized studios, at a gigantic price. These studios would make money of 3D person modeling when they are contracted to create either video games or animated films. These days, with the advance in technology and technical expertise, 3D person modeling is offered to just about anyone who has an Internet connection.


These 3D models can be used by people who want to represent themselves as avatars on websites, forums, video games, and social networking platforms. If you want to create a virtual person, there are many companies that can help you do that for free. One of them is DAZ 3D, previously known as DAZ Productions and commonly referred to as simply DAZ – which stands for Digital Art Zone. This company is a developer and broker of 3D graphics software and content, mostly known for its popular line of articulated 3D figures and the large, enthusiastic community that has formed around them.

Below you can read about the steps you need to follow to create your own virtual person with DAZ.

  • First things first, you have to visit DAZ’s website and create an account by filling in the necessary fields in the account creation form. When doing so, you should be as honest as possible!


  • Then comes the confirmation process. The company will send you an email to validate your registration – which is often just a formality. Also, know that whatever information you choose to share with the company, DAZ will keep it under the radar – you will have full confidentiality.
  • After your account has been confirmed, access DAZ’s website and download their DAZ Studio, which is the 3D mapping software that allows you to create your virtual 3D person. Please note that the speed and length of time it takes to download the program will depend on your computer and ISP speed.
  • Install the program into your system after downloading it. This is a simple process you will be guided through by the program, providing you with step-by-step commands.

When it comes to actually create your virtual avatar, you should try and be as creative as possible! Remember that this is the face you’ll be showing people on the Internet, so it should be an accurate reflection of your looks and personality. That is if you don’t want to create an alternate version of yourself.

However, you shouldn’t try to purposely mislead people by creating false representations of yourself by means of this software. Since the great people at DAZ were kind enough to share their software for free, you shouldn’t abuse it for your personal gain.


After creating your virtual person, you can start playing around with it and experimenting with commands and menus. Explore the program and its capabilities, and don’t forget to have fun while you go through the interesting and exciting process of creating a virtual person!

Virtual World – Sergio Virtual Boyfriend

Virtual Boyfriend is an extremely popular game nowadays. Sergio, the virtual boyfriend you will have in the game is as smart as possible. You can actually talk to him, as Sergio learns and remembers everything you tell him. Sergio is also able of understanding you, so there is no wonder that many people enjoy having a boyfriend in the virtual world.

Sergio 3 -- Your Virtual Boyfriend

Sergio 3 is extremely popular. Actually, more than 500 people download this game each day. Why does this virtual boyfriend enjoy such a great popularity? Well, Sergio has the ability to learn from the interaction with you. This means that you can teach him anything you desire. You can have conversations with Sergio and actually ask for comfort. Sergio is able to mimic human awareness inside a computer and this is why he is unique in the virtual world.

Why do I need a virtual boyfriend?

Many people love Sergio because he can be extremely useful when it comes to personal growth. Sergio possess artificial intelligence that helps people learn more about themselves. The game is mostly appreciated by lonely people who claim that Sergio can help them understand what life is all about. Sergio, the Virtual Boyfriend, is after all a fun game you can get for your own entertainment.

Some people get Sergio because there are lonely and tired. Other people consider this game, as it gives them the chance to explore fantasies or because they travel a lot and need a constant way of entertainment. Well, regardless of the reason why you may want to download this game, you can be quite sure that it will provide you a fun, yet exciting experience.

As you can assume, the virtual world is extremely interesting and Sergio Virtual Boyfriend is fun to have with you when you are feeling lonely, when you are traveling or just when you need entertainment.

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Sharing Secrets

It is very difficult to keep something personal just for you, this is why you need to find a special someone whom you can trust with all that is concerning you and with all that does not let you live happy. It is very important to have such a friend, who can listen to you and who can keep for himself or for herself all that you need to tell. If you did not find yet such a person, who takes interest in who you are and what you have to say, now it is very easy to figure out a solution. Believe it or not, but you can create a virtual person. Build a friend exactly how you want. Make this person perfect, the one that can focus only on your matters and the one to agree with all the decisions you take. You probably did not think there can be such a person for you, but it can. You simply need to invent it. Think of all the qualities of a special friend and create such a friend on the Internet, in the virtual world.

Maybe you want to talk to a woman, about girly issues, about intimate stuff and about style. You can create such a woman and even make her look as you wish. Make her attractive and classy and transform her into your best friend. Take advantage of the fact that she can only focus on you and make her dedicate a lot of time to you. Once you share her your secrets, you can bet the most hidden things you have to say will only remain between the two of you.

If you are searching for a man, a best friend or a lover, you can also choose to create a virtual person. This way, you can build the perfect man, the one who is very understanding and that accepts you exactly how you are. If you consider that men in your life do not dedicate enough time to you, you can now simply make one to share all his time just with you. And you can tell him all your secrets and all the things you need to share with another person. The best thing is that he will never betray you and he will never treat you bad. Create him and make him your best ally.

Have A Great Time And Create A Virtual Person For Fun

Creating a virtual person can surely be a lot of fun. Nowadays, there are numerous online sites on which you will find the possibility to create a virtual person, both a male and a female. This tool is great to use when you are having a party with your friends, as everyone can have a great time. Today, there are numerous types of programs that will offer you this possibility. The first thing you will have to do is to choose one of them. Then, you need to make up your mind on whether you want to create a virtual girl or a guy. Having a lot of fun will be simple this way. After making these choices, you have to decide on numerous details linked to the appearance and style of the person created.

The virtual world offers people from all around the plant the possibility to connect, while using their avatars, in other words, the virtual people each one created. This is a great opportunity to spend a wonderful time and have a lot of fun, as when using such a tool, no one will be able to ever find out your real identity. In the virtual world, identity protection is the most important aspect. When creating a virtual person, you can personalize all aspects on its physical appearance, but you can also choose clothing items. Opting for the site on which you will perform all these activities remains however one of the first things that have to be kept under consideration. If the site has an user friendly platform, using it will become much simpler.

After logging in to the site of your choice, you will have to select the gender of the virtual person. Coloring of hair, eyes and skin can also be chosen during this step. Try as many wardrobes as you desire, until choosing the style. You can have a lot of fun this way and you can actually see how some clothing items can be matched. The next step on the way to create a virtual person will be saving the avatar. After completing it you should know that the avatar will be able to interact with other avatars, into the virtual world. There is really no way you will not enjoy using this tool. Actually, you can have a great time with all your friends, at home, while interacting in a virtual world.