Create a Virtual Person in Second Life

If you feel lonely and depressed and have no one to talk to or if you are stuck inside your home with some contagious disease like chickenpox that prevent your friends from visiting, know that there are other things that can keep you company. Like virtual people. With the advance in technology and development of the Internet, you can now easily create a virtual person. There are many platforms that will allow you to do that, the best known and most popular one being Second Life.


Second Life is an online virtual world which enables its users — called Residents — to interact with each other through avatars. This is possible by means of a number of free client programs, or Viewers. Second Life was developed by Linden Lab and launched in June 2003.

Second Life Residents can explore the world, also known as grid, in order to meet other residents, socialize, engage in both individual and group activities, create and trade virtual property and services. A three-dimensional modeling tool based on simple geometric shapes is built into the software. This tool allows users to build virtual objects.


There is also a procedural scripting language named Linden Scripting Language, which residents can use to add interactivity to those objects. By using external software and imported, users can also create sculpted prims, texture for clothing or other objects, gestures, animations, and mesh.

Anyone can create a Second Life account for free. Making use of this virtual world for any period of time is also free of charge. However, users can opt for a Premium membership, which extends access to an increased level of technical support and pays an automatic stipend into the member’s avatar account.


You can choose an avatar in whatever form you want to. The avatar can be human, animal, vegetable, mineral, or a combination thereof. Many members choose to create an avatar that resembles themselves as they are in real life. There are also many activities an behaviors that are present in real life and are comprised by Second Life.

Avatars can walk, run and fly. They can even make use of teleporting, since this is such a vast virtual world. Avatars can also communicate via local chat, group chat, global instant messaging, and voice. Basically, avatars can do everything that humans do in real life and more.


You can easily enter Second Life with just a click by accessing their website and clicking the option “Join Now“. The client is service is free, but you will be required to provide some basic information before carrying on with the download.Also, you need to be at least 16 years old to be able to gain membership.

Once you install Second Life, you can create a virtual person and start customizing it until it becomes the avatar you want. There are plenty of tools that will help you do that and will allow you to adjust basically every aspect of your avatar’s appearance.


The great thing about Second Life is that you can create more than one avatar if you want to. You just have to remember that while you can modify your avatar’s appearance, you cannot alter their clothing, which has to be purchased within the game with its special currency.

Now that you know the basic things about Second Life, you can enter this fun online virtual world and get to know other avatars.