Create a virtual person online and raise a family

Are you looking for that family feeling you have been missing out on for some time. Perhaps you are living far away from home, maybe you family and you do not communicate well or then again you might just be looking for the experience of dealing with a family situation before you start your own. All of these reasons plus many more are a great idea for starting a virtual person online and then using that virtual person to start a family. You can make your virtual person in the spitting image of yourself and then find true virtual love online. This is the first steps to making a virtual family otherwise you can always just start the family from scratch.

Living realistically in a virtual world can be fun and exciting with many challenges laid out in front of you. These challenges mimic real life in many ways however you still have your safety net of being in the virtual world so you cannot be hurt directly by failures. For something completely different, start building a virtual person who is a completely different character to you. This way you can live out your persona and live life the way you really want to rather than living life the way you have too. Tell somebody you admire that you love them or find a perfect job in which you travel around the world, doing these things virtually might be the next step to realism.