Create a Virtual Person with an iPhone Application

Indian developer Simon Mendoza has recently released the new iPhone application Head Styler, which is designed to create a virtual person full of hairstyles, facial expressions and special effects that can be applied to the 3D head model. After creating their virtual persons, users can then share the result with other users.


The iPhone application is able to generate a 3D model from a photo alone. The model created and the hairstyles available are both detailed and fully rendered in 3D. The user can zoom in to the point of seeing individual hairstrands and observing the model from any desired angle, as opposed to currently available hairstyle applications that only feature 2D cutouts. Users can also change the haircolor by dragging a finger across the screen.

The virtual person’s facial expression can change quickly to display emotion when the user taps on one of the many face icons available. The special effects the application offers include face paint, makeup, acne, wrinkles, freckles, and so much more. There are also rendering effects that allow a person to appear cartoony or mannequin-like.

Last but not least, creative users have the option of complementing the visuals with the ability to change the background to not only pre-made artwork, but any photo in the device’s Photo Album.


The user can also share the resulting image or the model itself with other users. Sharing can be done via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Dropbox, when it comes to the image. The model can only be shared via email or Dropbox. The application also showcases a clean and appropriate user interface.

In order to install the Head Styler application, there are some device requirements that must be met. These are:

  • compatible with iPhone and iPod touch;
  • requires iOS 6.0 or newer;
  • optimized for iPhone 5;
  • 13.5 MB.

Head Styler is available worldwide exclusively through Apple’s App Store.