Create a Virtual Person with DAZ

Technology has become so advanced that creating 3D avatars and virtual persons for personal purposes is something that anyone can accomplish nowadays, for free, all by means of the Internet. In the past, 3D modeling was done only in specialized studios, at a gigantic price. These studios would make money of 3D person modeling when they are contracted to create either video games or animated films. These days, with the advance in technology and technical expertise, 3D person modeling is offered to just about anyone who has an Internet connection.


These 3D models can be used by people who want to represent themselves as avatars on websites, forums, video games, and social networking platforms. If you want to create a virtual person, there are many companies that can help you do that for free. One of them is DAZ 3D, previously known as DAZ Productions and commonly referred to as simply DAZ – which stands for Digital Art Zone. This company is a developer and broker of 3D graphics software and content, mostly known for its popular line of articulated 3D figures and the large, enthusiastic community that has formed around them.

Below you can read about the steps you need to follow to create your own virtual person with DAZ.

  • First things first, you have to visit DAZ’s website and create an account by filling in the necessary fields in the account creation form. When doing so, you should be as honest as possible!


  • Then comes the confirmation process. The company will send you an email to validate your registration – which is often just a formality. Also, know that whatever information you choose to share with the company, DAZ will keep it under the radar – you will have full confidentiality.
  • After your account has been confirmed, access DAZ’s website and download their DAZ Studio, which is the 3D mapping software that allows you to create your virtual 3D person. Please note that the speed and length of time it takes to download the program will depend on your computer and ISP speed.
  • Install the program into your system after downloading it. This is a simple process you will be guided through by the program, providing you with step-by-step commands.

When it comes to actually create your virtual avatar, you should try and be as creative as possible! Remember that this is the face you’ll be showing people on the Internet, so it should be an accurate reflection of your looks and personality. That is if you don’t want to create an alternate version of yourself.

However, you shouldn’t try to purposely mislead people by creating false representations of yourself by means of this software. Since the great people at DAZ were kind enough to share their software for free, you shouldn’t abuse it for your personal gain.


After creating your virtual person, you can start playing around with it and experimenting with commands and menus. Explore the program and its capabilities, and don’t forget to have fun while you go through the interesting and exciting process of creating a virtual person!