Create a Virtual Person

With the internet becoming so widely used and so accessible there are many people that use it for networking as well as research and shopping. The people that use it to connect with others generally share a common interest and will often times meet up with people that they meet if they live close enough. Some of the people that use these networking sites either represent themselves by using a picture that they have uploaded to their computer or they have sometimes create a virtual person to represent them (an avatar).

There are many ways people can create an avatar online with one of the many free programs. However, the most common way is by taking a picture and animating it in order to create a fairly accurate representation. These virtual people can sometimes take on a life outside of their creators and allow an outlet for many people to use as a form of relaxation as they can be used for various purposes online, including in video games.

Despite the practical uses of an avatar, many people choose to create a virtual person (or several) just for fun. There are several games online that you can create a person only to destroy them later. This may seem disturbing, but it can often be used as a form of stress relief for those that have had a hard day. Another reason why someone may create a virtual person is simply to see what they can do on the computer. With the point and click options it’s easy to allow your imagination to run wild and create someone with odd characteristics. This also holds true for the several internet sites that allow you to create a character that would be in one of the many animated primetime television shows.