Create a Virtual Version of Yourself

With the Internet developing at such a fast rate, not only do we have virtual places where we can chat with friends or family, but now, we also have the possibility to create a virtual person or a version of ourselves. How many times have you not imagined that you lead a rich life, lacking the worry of tomorrow? Now, with the help of special games or online software, you can create a virtual person, bearing your own characteristics, from the color of the eyes to the clothes you are wearing. Probably the best known reality simulation game is the Sims.

Within the game, you can create a virtual person that is the exact replica of yourself, by programming and controlling the emotional characteristics of the Sim. The virtual world gives you the free will to do whatever you please, whenever you please. Sims also gives you the opportunity of customizing the residence, adding pets,matching up love interests and determining what the future of your Sim is going to be. It is a very addictive and fun game. Give your Sim a name and he is ready to be launched in the virtual world, where all the possibilities are open. Create a virtual person to be the friend or partner of your Sim and let the socializing begin.

There are of course other online platforms that let you create a virtual person, such as Yahoo Messenger or IMVU. On these platforms, you can personalize your avatar to resemble you as much as possible, or create a virtual person different from yourself. Unlike the Sims game, where the Sim interacts with other virtual persons, by means of free will or user control, YM and IMVU are ways of creating a perfect version of yourself, being who you want to be. This is in a way the advantage of creating a virtual person and setting it free in the virtual world. So, if you want to have a great time online, go and create a virtual person and unwind yourself from the daily routine.