My Virtual Boyfriend

My Virtual Boyfriend has become extremely popular nowadays. So, if you have been searching for the perfect man, you can rest assured that your search has come to an end. My Virtual Boyfriend is the perfect app you can use to create your virtual boyfriend. My Virtual Boyfriend app from App Store or Android Market can easily be used on your smart phone or tablet computer. This is a user friendly dating game available on both Android and iPhone, as well as on iPad.

My Virtual Boyfriend is extremely interesting, being the only dating game that will allow you to virtually date up to hundreds of virtual guys. Each of these guys has his own personality and appearance, the game being really interesting from this point of view. Below you can read more about the main features of My Virtual Boyfriend.

My Virtual Boyfriend includes:

  • 20 levels of play;
  • Users can create as many virtual boyfriends as they desire;
  • You may customize the aspect of each virtual boyfriend you create. This means that you can choose clothing items, physical features, as well as style;
  • You can enjoy more than 100 activities with your virtual boyfriend. These are activities the two of you can perform together, when you desire.
  • Interaction with your virtual boyfriend is also simple, by touch.
  • My Virtual Boyfriend will surely impress all users with its great graphic.

You can start the game by filling out your profile. Then, you will get a series of options on how to create your virtual boyfriend. You can change his face, clothes, as well as his hair-style and color. Once you finished creating the perfect guy, you can start having more fun. You can respond to your virtual boyfriend and have conversations with him. In case he likes your response, you will gain points. With each level you unlock, by gaining more points, you will be able to enjoy doing more things with your virtual boyfriend.

Perfect for Android devices, as well as for iPhone, iPad and iPod, My Virtual Boyfriend should definitely be checked out whenever you are willing to have a lot of fun. The app will help you engage into conversation with your virtual boyfriend, offering you the possibility to give him some gifts, as well. The app is quite intelligent, as the virtual boyfriend will actually have the ability to respond to your touch. The purpose of the game is to make your boyfriend fall in love with you. Once that goal is achieved, you will complete the game.