Virtual Person Creator

Every person has dreams. From a young age we harbor hopes that we will be able to accomplish certain things in life. Unfortunately for us, most of these dreams are simply unattainable; they remain, as they always were, fantasies. This has been the case for centuries and, before the age of computers and, subsequently, of virtual simulation, people had to put up with the knowledge that they would never be able to achieve what they wanted. However, recently there has been a surge in simulation software that allows people to create a version of themselves in a virtual world. In this world there are no restraints (although a few do require money paid into accounts) which means that the sky is, quite literally, the limit. If you want to be a pilot, businessman or footballer then you are able to do it.

Everyone has heard of the ‘Sims’ series. There are numerous variations of this game that allow you to partake in a whole array of different pastimes; from sports to business. Not only are these great fun but they also allow you to live out your dreams in a safe and secure environment. On top of this, virtual person creators are a great way to meet people. When you are on the internet it breaks down a lot of the barriers that you have when meeting new people. Everyone has a little bit of shyness but when you are speaking to someone online you are able to chat without such fears; if they don’t like you the worst they can do is turn off their computer!